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Bookings are made on line and are on a first come first served basis.


Payment for all courses will be paid on line and in advance of the class/event. If you cannot attend as planned, please note, class places are transferable but NOT REFUNDABLE.

Allergies & Intolerances

All allergies and intolerances that are relevant to the course must be declared on the Booking Request Form. We do not use nuts in the recipes however this is not a nut free kitchen.

Parental Consent Form

All parents/guardians must fill out the Parental Consent Form at Margaret’s Kitchen prior to dropping off children for a course.  Please declare if your child has any special educational needs so we can make the experience the best it can be for your child.

Behaviour Policy

We understand that all students are individuals and we ask for any relevant information to be disclosed before any class. We can then tailor our teaching style to suit the needs of each student. Our Cookery school is a welcoming and fun environment and our aim is to inspire confidence and self-belief in our students. Each student is expected to be polite and respectful to all members of staff and other students.

Photograph Policy

No photos will be used in Social Media or Marketing UNLESS permission is granted on the Booking Request Form. Names will never be disclosed in any Marketing

Privacy Policy

We will not disclose any of our customers contact details to any 3rd Parties. We will ensure that we treat personal information lawfully and correctly. We adhere to the principles of General Data Protection (GDPR).

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